Painting Myself A Door to a New Career Doing What I Love

wabiSabiapt Painting is a zen form of solace.  It’s my go to place when I want to make, change, create or escape.  When I was a kid I would find stuff to paint in nature.  I painted rocks, pieces of found wood, turned mud to fruit and painted it.  My recurring painting as a kid was a little sail boat on rough water with the ever popular seagulls over head like little elongated black vs with wings.  Symbolic huh?

One year for holiday gifts, I started painting glass candlesticks at the kitchen table with a friend.  We became obsessed.  Time had no boundaries.  I was insatiable for color combos and patterns, textural adornments and inspired designs.  I dreamt in vivid color, talked in my sleep about paint and beading.

Synchronistic beams of the miraculous started shining the light for me to all kinds of things falling into place.  I painted and painted and painted until I worked up the courage to take my little offspring to the retail market.  I wrapped them in black velvet fabric pieces, put them into a shopping bag and walked into a boutique in West Los Angeles.

I had no idea what I was doing.  The owner took a look over her funky glasses at my creations as I unwrapped them and placed them on the counter.  I was trying to keep the negative self talk at bay, and I was winning – I made it there and I stood still.  She liked them.  “Alright, let’s give it a try.  We’ll mark them up high and see how they go.”

I left six sets on consignment and within a week all six sets had sold!  She said, “Bring more in – they’re hot!.”   I was so excited.  I was a painting fool up past two in the morning, never sleepy, always inspired, lost in the zone.  I went to several stores, high end stores I never even shopped at, made appointments with the owner/buyers growing more and more confident as my client base increased quickly.  I had to think of a name, get my resale number, learn the wholesale aspects of my material buying, and so much more.  I didn’t know the difference between a purchase order or an invoice.  I had my own little codes.  The most popular color combo was a peridot green with an amethyst colored stem and little gold accents.  It was always the one everyone wanted.  So I called it TOEW (The One Everyone Wants)   Simple.  Finally one of my customers sat me down and explained the difference between a purchase order and and invoice.  Hey, I was a drama major – what did I know?

The boutiques and galleries were excited to see something new and fresh.  Orders and reorders kept me so busy I actually had to quit my day job after six months.  I felt like I had magic beans.  I need a name for my new business – and The Magic Bean Company took flight officially in 1994.



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