Hand Painted Vintage Glassware

coasters2 coasters

Hand painted vintage pressed glass coasters/candle trays or trinket trays in assorted soft metallic colors  $12.00 each


Petite Candlesticks in copper and sage  $ 45.00/pr              Assorted one of a kind hand painted vintage glass trays in soft assorted colors


165564_1812695079482_1303189712_2061633_7714461_n vint. glass trayTray-frost trayinside vanity rect. tray vint. glass tray heart bowlpink3pinktray2Hand Painted Vintage Trays

vintPaisleyTrayBlueSwirlAquaTray Fantray.Apricot paisley:tapers Swirl Tray SwirlAquaTray tray.cameo Tray:cirlcle vinPedestal Tray vintagePedesTrayLarge Pedestal Vintage glass tray adorned with vintage cluster jewels, soft metallic colors and a textured glass base in soft champagne gold tones.