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Artist Bio – Lainey’s Story

I grew up on the east coast in Wilmington Delaware and moved to California when I was seventeen to attend college.  I studied theatre, literature and film,  moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, while doing plays, auditions and working temp jobs.

The Magic Bean Company was created in 1994 at my kitchen table, in a tiny studio apartment, inspired by colorful glassware, bold jewel toned candlestick holders, and vintage Italian glassware.

I began painting glassware in the evenings and on weekends developing my technique and making gifts for friends and family.  Everyone insisted I try to sell them to some local stores, so…..I brought my first hand painted candleholders in a picnic basket into local upscale boutiques having no knowledge of the retail business other than being a compulsive shopper – never studied art or business, and in presenting my work, I didn’t know the difference between a purchase order or an invoice, though from my acting background I was good at improvisation and “auditioning”, so I “cold called” stores, asked to speak to the “owner”, schlepped my picnic basket in and took orders for my hand painted candleholders.  This lead to re-orders, referrals and me jumping up and down a lot as their response was overwhelmingly positive. Soon orders and re-orders started coming in and my line started growing and taking on a life of it’s own.  I felt as if I had magic beans!

Soon everything began to flow in synchronistic ways, as I literally dreamt of colors, design patterns, textures, and inspired product ideas.  I needed an official business name as my one woman show was taking off so fast, thus The Magic Bean Company took form – moving from the kitchen table to a large bakery warehouse studio, then to a home based sunlit studio in my house in Valley Glen California looking out at a sweet giant orange tree and a lush colorful rose garden.

My handmade line has expanded to incorporate a lustrous array of items such as vintage hand painted trays from the 40s and 50s, whimsical mirror compacts with vintage images in translucent sparkling colors, a seaside collection of opulent adorned treasures, jeweled shells, lamps and much more.  My line is sold in fine craft galleries, boutiques, museum stores across the USA, Canada, Tokyo, London, Bahrain, via my group page on Facebook.

As to other work experience, I have worked in over 30 on camera commercials as an actress, Voice Over spots and online voice for PayPal demos and tutorials, Internet marketing and social media virtual assistant, sales, marketing, trade shows, display manager, retail sales and management, catering, reception, hostess, celebrity personal assistant, online virtual assistant – blog and creative content writing, social media management and advocacy, non-profit organizations key note speaker, casting assistant,  with a BA degree in theatre, literature and Film.